Friday, November 21, 2014

Fewer Claims May Be Filed in Jammed Court System

The withering California economy continues to impact the state’s court system, as budget cutbacks have slowed the hearing of cases to a near standstill. One judge has gone so far as to say we are on the borderline of a constitutional crisis…especially with personal injury and other civil cases taking up to 5 years to reach trial, close to the mandatory dismissal date.
Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed budget for the coming year will continue to make it challenging for the courts. He has proposed a $105 million increase, which most judicial analysts say is not nearly enough to unclog the case load. Local reserve funds used in the past are now dried up. So it appears now that fewer people are filing, discouraged by delays and longer commutes to fewer courthouses. If you still feel that you have a legitimate case, however, the best course of action is always to file. Justice is not always swift, but it can be meaningful.